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“Sharps waste” is a type of medical waste that refers to devices or objects that have been used to puncture or lacerate the skin. Some examples of sharp waste include hypodermic and intravenous needles, syringes, infusion sets, scalpels, and broken glass. to prevent any public health issues, both residents and regulated medical waste (RMW) generators have their own guidelines for storing and disposing of sharps.

However, these guidelines vary across states and localities. Trying to make sure you’re staying can be confusing at times. To simplify this process for everyone, MedCycle provides RMW generators in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin with comprehensive collection and removal services. Reach out to us today for a free quote, and learn more about our sharps container disposal process.

How Is Sharps Waste Disposed?

For RMW generators, sharps waste like needles and syringes must be stored and disposed of carefully to avoid a public health dilemma. In Texas, this means storing used sharps in a closeable, leak proof container with the appropriate biohazard symbol.

From here, the container must be disposed of in one of four ways authorized by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ):

Registered medical waste removal services collect the medical waste and transport it to an off-site facility for treatment and disposal
The waste is sent off via USPS
mailback program
The RMW generator transports the sharps waste to an authorized medical waste processing facility themselves
The waste is treated on site, following one of several autorized TCEQ procesdures, such as ecasing the sharps in a chemical composition like plaster of Paris

The simplest, most hassle-free option would be to let professional medical waste removal services, such as MedCycle, handle the sharps container disposal process.

To keep things easy for your facility, contact Medcycle today to learn more about your sharps container disposal options.

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Sharps Disposal

Untreated sharps waste and its containers should never go into a regular trash bin. Per the TCEQ, sharps containers must be disposed of once ¾ of the way full, again to avoid public health issues. RMW generators that opt for on-site disposal should know that this is the most resource-intensive option, due to the specialized equipment that must be used in the process.

How Sharps Container Disposal Works With MedCycle

The easiest and most reliable way to correctly handle sharps container disposal is by working with a professional medical waste disposal company.

Step 1:

Deposit your facility’s used sharps waste in an approved container until it is ¾ full.

Step 2:

Contact MedCycle, a registered medical waste disposal company and schedule a pickup or treatment.

Step 3:

When your appointment arrives, swap your filled container out with another compliant one, and repeat the process.

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Texas Compliant Sharps Disposal

We provide regulated medical waste generators across Texas with sharps disposal. We provide sharps disposal services to:

Medical clinics
Pharmaceutical clients
Urgent care centers
Nursing homes
Funeral homes
Home health agencies
Veterinary clinics
Animal hospitals
Surgery centers
Police departments
Fire departments
Our combination of experience makes us uniquely qualified to handle all manner of hazardous waste. At MedCycle, we also provide you with the knowledge, resources, and services you need to make sure you are staying compliant with all applicable regulations.

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Why Choose MedCycle

MedCycle provides Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin with comprehensive service: We offer medical waste storage, collection, and disposal, as well as staff compliance training.

Our partners get access to our compliance portal, which offers OSHA compliance training, a custom safety plan builder, ICD-9 and ICD-10 databases, safety data sheets (SDS), plus much more.

Because no two facilities are alike, we offer flexible waste management solutions. We’re available for regular, scheduled collection and removal, as well as same-day options. And since we focus on servicing Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin, we are wholly familiar with each region.

We know the different rules and guidelines of each market, as well as what RMW generators there expect from their waste management services. Being able to acutely focus on these areas makes us experienced providers of sharps waste removal services.