About Us

MedCycle a medical waste disposal company is known for exceptional biohazard waste management.

Exceptional Biohazard Waste Management

MedCycle is a full service biohazard waste disposal company, providing safe and cost effective management of regulated biomedical and hazardous waste. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. We value our clients and will do everything possible to meet your needs.

Whether your business has a number of locations or only one, we can save you valuable time and resources by streamlining and managing your facilities waste requirements and HIPAA and OSHA compliance needs.

We work directly with site managers/directors to ensure that each aspect of your business is receiving the right level of service. Service levels and needs are identified, helping to reduce unnecessary costs. Once a customized plan is put in place, we can also take all tasks related to facilities waste management off your hands. Requests are processed as soon they are received and last-minute requests can almost always be accommodated. We strive at all times to deliver a service that exceeds our client’s expectations.

MedCycle is dedicated to providing clients cost-effective medical waste management and compliance training services.

Make sure you contact us. Through analysis, we can identify areas where your medical waste service can be adjusted to increase efficiency, thus saving you money.